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Maura + Charley = March Wines




Planted in 1971, Redwing Vineyard is a unique site in which we launched our brand in 2016.  Redwing Vineyard is a small vineyard on the southern edge of the Santa Cruz Mountains along Hecker Pass, the southern route to Santa Cruz.  Vineyard owner, David Boll, bought his country property back in 2001, containing an overgrown vineyard, lake, apple orchard and beautiful house.   He became interested in the vineyard and with some consultation from Viticulturists and schooling, he cut back the mess of vines that had been unattended for 10 years to their trunks and retrained them.  Redwing Vineyard is still on its original St. George Rootstock.  The site gets chilling winds coming through the mountains, keeping it cool and dry, an ideal site for Riesling.  


Pick Date: October 2nd, 2018

Brix: 22.6°

pH: 3.08

TA: 7.5 g/L

Residual Sugar: 0.07%


In 2001, Dale Ricci planted the first and only 3 acres of St. Laurent in all of California after traveling to Austria and falling in love with the varietal.  Located in the cool Carneros region of Sonoma, Ricci Vineyard is the perfect site for this high acid, high color, and low tannin varietal. It is often described as a mix of Gamay and Syrah, light in style with a punch of fruit and spice.  

We made this wine into two vastly different styles, into a Rose and into a Red Wine.  

Pick Date: September 14th, 2018

Brix: 20.9°

Rose pH: 3.45

Rose TA: 6.80 g/L

St. Laurent pH: 3.80

St. Laurent TA: 5.50 g/L

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