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What is March?!

Might as well start this blog off a week and a half before the second release of our Riesling.

I am going to try blogging once a week, hopefully every Sunday, to let you all know what is going on in the lives of Charley and I! I want to let everyone know why they should love Riesling (and wine in general) as much as we do. I can give information on the history of Riesling, food pairings, great wines we've been drinking, or just what March Wines has been up to. There probably won't be any OOTD (Outfit of the Day) posts, but maybe?! Charley has some killer winery fashion.

To start, I am going to write about why we started March.

First off, I think every winemaking student has the dream of having their own label but then we get bogged down with the reality of life. Starting a label is a lot of work, time, and creativity! The last thing people want to do after work, is go home and work. Luckily for me, my better half had the same dream, and we complement each other perfectly working together. Since we didn't have too much tying us down yet, and the energy of our 20's (well energy of our 29's), we went for it! In early 2016, we decided we were going "invest" some of our savings, give it our all and if it fails, at least we tried!

Next, coming up with a name is difficult and March was actually the only name we came up with! One night I couldn't sleep and I was thinking of all the combinations of our names, our middle names, our grandparents names, pet names, street names... everything! I came up with March which is just a combination of Maura + Charley. If you look at the logo there is the dot from the "i" in wines that can be used as a period to separate Mar and ch. We kept coming back to this name for many reasons.

-First, you can pronounce it! I hate ordering wine off of a fancy wine list and fumbling on the name or just pointing.

-When we think of March, we think of the month of March when the sun is shining and flowers are blooming. To us it resonates warmth and joy, and people emerging from their houses after winter to enjoy the outdoors and each other!

-When we tell our story to strangers, they can easily put a face and name to the bottle. This has really helped with name/brand recognition when there are thousands and thousands of brands out there!

Lastly, Riesling! A delicious white wine that can be made in every style imaginable, from super dry, stripping enamel from your teeth in Australia, to beautifully balanced acidic wines in Germany, and rounder more floral wines from France. This wine has it all and only has a few producers in California attempting it. I truly believe that California doesn't have a true style of Riesling yet, but I hope we can be apart of forming it.

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