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Maura + Charley = March Wines

 After instantly hitting it off at the Duckhorn harvest party in 2012, Charley and Maura started dating.  Four years later, March Wines was created with the idea of making our favorite wine and introducing our friends and family to the most unique varietal, Riesling.


After graduating from UC Davis, Maura travelled around the world, doing harvests in Australia, Germany, and New Zealand.  Every winery she worked at made Riesling, all in vastly different styles.   After settling back into Napa and realizing that California Riesling is under-represented, she wanted to learn more about it and see what it had to offer.  High acid and dry like Australia? Beautifully balanced at all sweetness levels like in Germany? Or the aromatic capabilities present in New Zealand?

Charley is the perfect ying to Maura's yang.  After graduating in 2010 from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, he moved right to Napa Valley and immersed himself in making big, red wines.  His love for drinking aromatic whites and strong work ethic, was the final push to make March Wines a reality.  


Currently, working as Assistant Winemakers at small production, high-end wineries in Napa, we make March Wines to express our love for lighter bodied, complex wines, that are affordable and fun to drink!

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